Part 2

Moving Image

(Colour in your environment): Graffiti on prison jumpsuit

(Colour in your environment): My graffiti experiment (fabric)

(Colour in your environment): My graffiti experiment (paper)

My Graffiti videos

Inspired by NUG’s work, I wanted to film my graffiti process so that I could have documentation of the graffiti’s development. I firstly experimented on paper, and then moved onto fabric (white cotton). I found that on the fabric the colours were less vivid as the fibres absorbed some of the spray paint, resulting in a more faded, blended effect. I enjoyed using spray paint and found this medium prevented me from overthinking. I like these types of processes that are less predictable and controlled; I find the results are more exciting as they tend to be unexpected.

(Colour in your environment): Graffiti artist NUG


  • Self expression
  • Performance
  • Playful
  • Spontaneous
  • Energy & movement

What I am drawn to within graffiti artist NUG’s work is his energetic and playful approach to graffiti. There is a sense of spontaneity within his work which I find makes it exciting and unpredictable. His graffiti techniques are unconventional e.g. spray painting whilst on a skateboard, and hammering the spray paint can so it leaks out releasing a stream of colour, his techniques are innovative and make the process become a piece of performance art. The large scale of his work also allow him to have the space to experiment and move across the blank page. Inspired by this I want to experience the process of graffiti for myself as it is something I’ve never done before.

(Colour in your environment): Graffiti crime or art form

“The reason to keep doing it was that you were immediately seeing the effect of what you were doing, and immediately seeing the power of this thing to communicate and to actually touch people to stop in their tracks”
-Keith Haring in response to why he continued to graffiti despite being caught multiple times by the police


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